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Trachypithecus francoisi (Tfra_2.0)

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Genome assembly: Tfra_2.0 (GCA_009764315.1)

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AssemblyTfra_2.0, INSDC Assembly GCA_009764315.1, Dec 2019
Base Pairs2,875,554,650
Golden Path Length2,875,554,650
Annotation providerEnsembl
Annotation methodFull genebuild
Genebuild startedMay 2020
Genebuild releasedApr 2020
Genebuild last updated/patchedMay 2020
Database version101.1

Gene counts

Coding genes19,357
Non coding genes7,791
Small non coding genes4,501
Long non coding genes69
Misc non coding genes3,221
Gene transcripts41,005


Genscan gene predictions95,701

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